Roberto Rosario

Long time Linux/Free Software/Open Source enthusiast & developer, devoted parent, Kendo practitioner & instructor, buddhist & rocker... Weird mix eh?

I've been involved with computers since 1983, working first with the TRS-80 and the
Commodore 64. In 1997 got my first taste of Linux and have been a Linux user, developer and evangelist ever since, creating the Puerto Rico Ubuntu user group in 2006.

I have many "firsts" under my belt in regards to Free software in Puerto Rico, on it's government and with community sponsorship. During 2013 I worked as Director of Software Development for the Government of Puerto Rico, where I managed to create the first ever official government Free software, their consumption as well as their production. I created and managed the officlal Government Github account, creation and released video games as an official method of economic development, created the LIBRE API Engine to help government agencies transfer data electronically as well as release their data to the public. I organized and managed the first ever government hackathon, created the first ever government technology projects planning system, code named LEAN Tech. Created first ever government sponsored IT internships and with the helps of interns created the “Governor’s Dashboard” pilot project, a business intelligence project that allowed the Governor of Puerto Rico quick access to the key performance indicators of several government agencies in real time. Cofounder of Betabeers Puerto Rico, founder of Puerto Rico Hardware Hackers, founder of Puerto Rico Biohackers, founder of Puerto Rico Libre Developers and Solution Providers. As a firm believer of Free software almost all of my projects are released under Free licenses and can be found on Github, Bitbucket and Google Code.

I also enjoy hardware hacking and embedded development, doing aftermarket customizations and improvements to everyday items. As part of working with embedded platforms, I've done software emulators for the Motorola 68K, the 6502 and the 6809 culminating in 1997 with the release of madNES a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator.

I'm also the creator of Mayan EDMS a Free and Open Source document management system used worldwide.