Rob Hamilton

I am an author, mind coach and world class copywriter. I help people master their mind if they are stuck or have suffered setbacks or are currently passing through adversity.

Like everyone else in this world I have had my share of tragedies. I have lost two businesses, been homeless twice, divorced three times and suffered severe depression. Yet I have managed to bounce back. I have the knowledge, or the blueprint, call it what you may, to help others bounce back, claim their life, find success and retain their personal happiness. That is what I am passionate about. It is my purpose in life.

On a professional level, I am an author, an NLP mind coach (That's what I like to call myself) a world-class copywriter (Something I learned to do in my 40's) and a CEO for a multi-million dollar seminar and property company.

My website is here:

I think of myself as funny, direct, serious looking and love dogs and reading.