Robin Ramkissoon

I grew up in the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Among other hobbies like video gaming, I got involved in Airbrush Art, Graphic Design, Publishing, Teaching and writing. Even then, working with computers was something I enjoyed and this set the tone for what I wanted to do in terms of my career.

I moved to South Florida at the end of the 80's and continued expanding my knowledge base, working with the School Board of Broward County, Apple Computers and various local businesses. In the time since, I have been a technician, a teacher, a general troubleshooter and system engineer, have managed my own computer consulting firm and somehow managed to meet a kindred soul from Wisconsin while discussing books online. We've been a couple now for over 15 years and are a testament that internet romances, and long distance relationships can end up in happy, long term marriages.

We moved to Prince Edward Island for several years after we got married while my wife followed her own budding career. I was lucky enough to be well established and able to keep working remotely at the Help Desk in Miami.

We have most recently moved to central Ohio where we live in the care of a cat that is much too intelligent but still chases her own tail. I have worked for the Miami Herald, and now their parent, The McClatchy Company for over 20 years where I continue to provide remote tech support and can describe my job as getting paid to help make people feel better, solving puzzles and making busted things work. It is a career that keeps me fulfilled and happy. This life is near perfect in my mind.

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