Robbie Matthews Duck Butter Matthews

I like electric motors and fast shit that's difficult.i dot GAF if I get hurt physically unless it really fucking hurts. I don't try unless I fully intend to become the best at whatever I'm doing. I know I never will but I keep that secret from myself. My skills lie within a mastery of DS (dog shit). I'm not a master of anything, neither is anyone, but at least I know that, so I practice fucking rigorously and redundantly and constantly and attentively and openly and without a fear. I don't walk around afraid to fall. I pump around fast and trip A LOT. But I know how to fall and, regardless, don't plan on ever losing bc I'll keep getting up as long as I'm awake. If not, by buds will have my back and help me wake up. Savvy

I'm on your backIt's times like these