Rob Matthews
Love 320. Love the Hawks. Love Chi. Fascinated by CO, Dave Grohl, and anyone that affects me. See hope, empowerment, and derive drive from new technology... Want to make a positive impact. Will make zillions or zero. Envision wild acceleration for avenues of dissolving helplessness. Think radically. Think openly. Am frequently wrong. Value good. Obsessed with the best. Unfamiliar with politics. Will fuck you before you kiss me if you fuck me. Will take a bullet for you if you don't deserve it. Obsessed. I see I'm black and white. 'Anything worth doing is worth overdoing' ... Obviously Ke$ha wannabe. 'Moderation is for cowards.' Not always true enough to say. Rephrasing a well known mentality, poorly, is not creative. We should live like we're going to die young, right? Not exactly. Putting your heart and sole into everything is great/awful/meaningless/[an experience]/anything. Rather think obsessing can be your greatest friend or worst enemy. Current ridiculous thought- anyone that's 'green' is an idiot and distraction for scientists trying to stop your solution-less whining. We're fine using or abiding anything the earth has to offer. If should live like there's a limitless amount of energy because there soon will be.