Roland L. Taylor

I'm Roland Taylor, Christian, computer "ninja", long time Ubuntu Desktop user, artist, and writer. I'm looking to revolutionize technology in Barbados with fresh ideas and software.

"Every King was once a child, and every big name started with a single letter." - R. L. Taylor

Random facts:

  • I created and maintain the online presences of NBG Productions.
  • The wallpaper on this page is one of my creations.
  • I founded and write articles for, a tech blog and community portal.
  • Progress on my first novel is posted on one of my blogs. You can see related artwork here.
  • My current writing project is Mission : Illumination. Follow progress here. Or join the community here.

To chat live with me (or to find out more):

  • Gtalk:
  • XMPP/Jabber:
  • Live! Messenger:
  • See my AskUbuntu profile