Romack Natividad

A simple man who has a keen appreciation of Art, Justice, Truth, and Love for humanity.

Even though unworthy, he has been given teaching loads on IT-related subjects at La Verdad Christian College (a college founded by Brother Eli Soriano and Brother Daniel Razon of "Ang Dating Daan" The Old Path), a non-profit educational institution that offers full scholarship for the deserving but less fortunate students.

Romack is thankful to God, because many his Computer Programming students achieve success in their IT-career and/or life.

Romack has worked in the following IT companies, namely AnXa LTD, Katana TechWorks, ION Web Services, WizMedia; He also worked as a software engineer in Accepted small projects from,, and various local clients.

He once formed a team (LazarusHQ), a freelance web and software developement team.

He is currently working at La Verdad Christian College; although unworthy, he was the chair in the B.S. Information Systems program.

Discovering innovations in human knowledge amazes and pushes him to continue learning.

Today, Romack tries to spend most of his time doing IT stuff and for the things that are good in the eyes of the Maker.

What are my professional skills:

1. Project Management (small team).

2. Software Application Development. Front-end and back-end application development using various technologies.

3. Programming languages: Java, JavaScrip