Romero Cavalcanti

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my profile.

Many thanks as well to those who have added me. I like to look at other people's profile and reading what they have to say. Sometimes time is a problem so don't feel neglected :) is exercise in learning a global dialogue with people belonging to different countries and cultures, here every day I learn a lot.

All humans are the same, with the same desire of love and security. We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin... Our differences, that is what makes us beautiful as a human race. We need to be a global community :) We all feel an undeniable bond with the planet where we were born. Our planet Earth :) It's all we have to separate us from the vacuum of space. We should all be stewards of the Earth, not its destroyers.

To develop friendly relations among people. I want to show how the world is getting smaller and show how technology is bringing us together in 193 countries :) I got a global hug!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the women, children, and men in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Pakistan, school in Peshawar, Kano Grand Mosques, school girls in Nigeria, ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone. For all... 凛風 Rin-fu = Wind Forest ... Solo Piano by Akiko Akiyama.

Christian, single, geek, wine and cheese lover, spicy food, coffee, chocolate and a challenging game of chess. I like: technology, cycling, beaches, reading, art, design and travel. Lover of the ancient world but also of the modern one, I enjoy making digital artworks. My passion is music + photography. A generally nice guy :)

I’m also an active learner (research and analysis) about: Consumer Psychology, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM), WEB 2.0, e-gov, Social Media for Business, Marketing and Sustainable Development.

I have a passion for customer service and results. I believe that a superior customer experience is the key ingredient to success in a competitive global economy, regardless of what business you’re in. RBV Consulting is specializing in customer service, client satisfaction, retention and loyalty.