Romullo Pontes

I'm advertising consultant who specializes in online content.. Since 2006, I have been working as webdesigner, art director, media and social media planner. I can to say that this my career began when I created a blog. With my Noel Net Blog ( I met so many important people in this area and I saw a lot of people (specifically, more then a million in less then a year) knowing my blog and reading my articles - now, the Noel Net Blog already has almost 3 million unique visitors. From this moment, brands and agencies started to find me and invite me to help in their events and campaigns online and offline. After that and because of that I went to work at Infoglobo to help to develop the first social network in the house, called O Livreiro ( - first as an intern, then as a Social Media Analyst. After that I moved to HomeWebbing, a digital marketing agency where I went to work first as online media planning and just after I was promoted to account executive, media coordinator and social media planning, activity that I develop today with so much pride and interest.