ORCHARD CITY Real Estate Group

Ron J. Bonhagen, Sr. and the Orchard City Real Estate Group have deep roots in the real estate business spanning over 4 decades and 3 states, offering our clients a unique, unmatched perspective on the South Bay Real Estate market.

Today, the Orchard City Real Estate Group is the most technically advanced, customer-focused, independent, boutique real estate firm in the Bay Area, laser focused on serving our clients, going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Ron J. Bonhagen, Sr. founded the Orchard City Real Estate Group in 2011 after 4 ½ years at one of Silicon Valley’s top real estate firms learning and observing from the best of the best in the real estate business. Ron continues to successfully sell 100% of all listings taken with the Orchard City Real Estate Group, far exceeding his clients' expectations. He has repeated that success in every real estate market that he has served.

In 2007, Ron relocated to California with his wife, Penny, and 1 year old son to be closer to Penny's family in Silicon Valley and to continue his real estate business here in the South Bay, going on to earn his California real estate Broker’s license.

Ron’s early career started in the New Orleans where he earned his Louisiana real estate license in 1989, successfully practicing real estate at a small boutique firm in the historical area of New Orleans, Uptown and the Garden District. Ron soon learned the importance of sales and marketing to his real estate business and spent the next 15 years honing his skills in sales and marketing at large Fortune 100 firms and small tech start-ups. By 2005, Ron was ready to return to the real estate business better equipped to serve his clientele. Ron earned his Virginia real estate license and went on to sell 100% of his listings in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, far exceeding his clients' expectations.

Ron inherited his love of real estate from his father, a “part-time” real estate investor in the 1970's and 80's. As a young boy, Ron closely observed his father who invested in residential, commercial and land throughout the Greater New Orleans area. At a very early age, Ron learned the true value of a great investment benefitting both sides, a “win-win” where both buyers and sellers achieved great value in each and every transaction and he carries that commitment through to his clients today, every single day.