Ron Sharpp

I am a technology enthusiast turned serial entrepreneur. I enjoy dreaming, sharing inspiration, creating new projects and inventions, and solving problems. My passion is to live a life filled with innovation, beauty, and continual improvement. I believe in encouraging, uplifting, and leaving the world a in a better state than before.

With the advantage of being home-schooled for much of my life, I was able to complete it by 14. From that time on, I tenaciously pursued my passions and have not stopped since! Fascinated with exploring the possibilities of learning and creating new technologies, I began programming computers at age 8,

From then on, I went on to work on consulting for fortune 500s and major corporations in the fields of security, design (web, video, and audio), marketing, business and software architecture design and programming.

At 18, I began working as the CTO of a ground breaking technology startup, whose software went on to gain millions in investment funding and many campaigns with major brands. The most notable was a media campaign for the CDC for a mobile and web "Be Active!" inspirational campaign for VERB.

I later moved on to creating a startup which produced the original Dislike Button for Facebook. This bootstrapped company went on to become a 6-figure profitable company within the first six months, with offers of over $1MM in Venture Capital by the end of the year. During the run of this product, we received global media attention and did interviews with ABC News, PC Mag, NY Times, and many others!

Currently, I am doing high end security and business consulting (particularly for law firms). I also have several projects and ventures in the works.

My mission in life is to share knowledge, joy, passion, wealth, and vision with others to mutually improve, enjoy, and shape the world we live in!

My aim is to:

1. Create successful global-reaching projects and publications.
2. Live a life filled with joy, love, and continual improvement.
3. Create a better environment by providing hope, help, and encouragement in a hurting world!