Roshi Pejhan

What I do:
Social and Digital Media. Branding and Marketing. Journalism & Blogging. Podcasting & Media. Nonprofit Management. Project Management.

Currently the Executive Director & Editor at Aslan Media, Lead Consultant at Kollaborativ Consulting, Managing Editor at 831 Magazine. and Partner at La & Co agency.

Producer and erstwhile Host for the INTERSECTION podcast series, focused on news and culture from the MENA region.

Also a proud board member of Global Majority, a California based nonprofit dedicated to nonviolent conflict resolution worldwide.

Who I am:
Professionally: A collaborator who thrives in dynamic & fast paced environments. A manager & problem solver with a holistic approach. An idea generator always seeking to create something (...preferably something cool & fun).

I get a rush out of taking seemingly incongruent people or ideas and finding synergy. I am indignant at the idea of "because it's always been done that way" and a believer in "why not?!"

I don't believe that social good and profit are mutually exclusive.

Oh, and I'm a true believer in people power.

Beyond the office: Cheerleader and helper for those seeking to manifest their passions into reality; writer seeking to give her internal life a voice; a cyber-citizen, nature lover, sci-fi nerd, foodie, and world traveler; a political gawker and Quantum Physics junkie; human wanting to leave her mark before this adventure ends.

I want to work with dreamers, innovators, and creators.