Raphael Rosalin

Eager and ready to get out into the world of Social Media and Public Relations, Raphael Rosalin is currently a senior at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisanna, studying as a Communication Major, graduating in May.

Raphael's true dreams lie in the field of marketing and public relations, specifically in the video game industry. 3 years of event planning at Tulane University and a marketing internship at Creative Alliance of New Orleans have given him the experience to create, promote, and execute successful events. Other opportunities, such as working in the Food & Beverage and Personal Sales industries, as well as being a team leader at Relay for Life (5 years running) and a high school tutor have given Raphael the foundation necessary to succeed.

Raphael is adept at balancing a Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ feed all at once, is both a Mac and PC lover and can handle the Microsoft office suite. Personal experience with Garageband, Moviemaker, Imovie, HTML, and Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro makes for satisfying weekends.