Russell Keppner

I've been a web developer for fifteen years, but I went Drupal-only about six years ago. At first I did freelance work, then I joined with Ashday Interactive as their lead Drupal developer, and finally landed my dream job as a Drupal Ninja at Infusionsoft.

Within the Drupal community, I co-host the Phoenix Drupal User Group and help organize and present at the Phoenix DrupalCamp each year. Occasionally I present to other groups about why they should be using Drupal, and at events like Desert Code Camp.

I’m very happy with my job and the work I do, but my real passion is my family. I am married to my best friend, the former Rachel Williams, and I am the father of our thirteen energetic children, ranging in age from 20 to 2 months old. We live in the Valley of the Sun, the Phoenix, Arizona metro, where I suffer through the oppressive summers because I love my wife who hates the cold.

I am the out-of-the-box pioneer in my family, having introduced my wife to home school, alternative medicine, and other “radical” notions early in our marriage. After converting her to the cause, I now do my best to support her and our children in their educational endeavors, since they do all the work. I am also an aspiring amateur cook, and love to share my ethnically-diverse concoctions with family and friends, or just seek out the more exotic options at local ethnic restaurants.