Ruta Danyte

Hi, I'm Ruta.

I have an idea. I believe that people can achieve their best potential by making small changes in their lives, ie. changing content they consume every day on social media.

I'm currently researching micro-learning, self-directed learning, crowd-learning and trends in social data.

I love connecting with educators, students, designers and developers. Say hi to me @rutadanyte.


Who I am:

* Edupreneur passionate about new ways of learning, sharing and connecting with people
* Coach and NLP Practitioner passionate about clear, concise and effective communication
* Big believer of social media and helpful marketing that connects people and businesses to solve world's biggest problems together
* Growth hacker always looking for ways to optimise processes and bring practical, measured results from digital channels
* Consumer centric person passionate about user experience and making actionable insights from customer feedback


What I do:

* Social Listening
* Product Marketing
* Inbound Marketing Strategy (social media, content, landing pages)
* Community / Influence Marketing
* User Experience
* Analytics (web, social, product)


What I love:

Social Data
Influencer Marketing
User Experience
Coaching / NLP / Training


Goals (5-10 years):

* Help businesses to implement consumer centric organisational structure and company culture.
* Build Micro-Learning App - an application helping bloggers to get found online.
* Open the Innovation Hub - create a worldwide network for youth entrepreneurs.

In the meantime I love connecting with data scientists, developers, educators, students and designers. Say hi to me @rutadanyte.