Ryan Mark Paul Eriksson

I am a rainbow created in the Pearl of the Orient Sea, travelling in the New World & has continued to color the kingdom of Svea.

Dreaming of continuing entrepreneurship one day, the corporate world has introduced me to international trade & compliance - a suprisingly exciting & undiscovered career path.

I am not whole without mi Hosito. Together we can conquer the world. My friends & family make a part of my armor in life.

Great thirst for Culture. Constantly consuming & craving Music; Getting lost and found in the depths of Dance; & perplexed with the Arts.

While others found joy in the simplicity of life, I submerge myself in the extravagance of wine, break-through culinary experience & adventurous galavanting. However, I indulge in serenity once in a while.

I. Life. About Me. Ryan Eriksson.