Ryan Ferrier

Ryan Ferrier is a Canadian comic book writer and letterer, currently writing Curb Stomp and Sons of Anarchy for BOOM! Studios, the critically acclaimed D4VE series for IDW and Monkeybrain Comics, and The Brothers James and Tiger Lawyer for Challenger Comics, an independent comic collective he runs with artist Brian Level.

He is also the author of Ultranova and Bloody F**king Revenge: An Anthology of Revenge, both also available through Challenger Comics. In 2014 he collaborated with artist J. Bone for the Monstrosity II anthology for Alterna Comics.

Read his free comic shorts right here.

Ryan has lettered comics such as Robocop: Last Stand and Loki: Ragnarok and Roll for BOOM! Studios; POP for Dark Horse Comics; The Fuse, Roche Limit, and Hoax Hunters: Case Files for Image Comics; and Theremin, Skybreaker, and Prime-8's for Monkeybrain Comics.