Ryan Hopman, Ph.D.

I’ve been fortunate to appreciate and experience some truly incredible things. So vast and eclectic, I often jest I’ve had many previous lives.

Companies have entrusted me to design infrastructures, fix broken systems, reengineer departments and design workflows and I’m proud to say that companies bring me in to solve the problems no one else can. I’m a solutions expert.

A commercial pilot, flight instructor and aerobatic airshow performer; it’s safe to say; I should’ve died at least a couple times. I've been a professor teaching gradate courses to being the youngest Director of Academics at a leading sciences university, I know what it’s like to teach and be taught.

My intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit has lead to the founding and formation of many businesses over the years and it is this insatiable drive to imagine, create and inspire that is both sustaining and enduring.

Many paths, many lives: Where I go from here is based solely on my disdain for the status quo, my uncompromising drive and the mindset that there are no boundaries.