Ryan Kramer

As a New York based Writer/Director, I look forward to engraving my voice into the wave of new age filmmaking. The first moment that helped me recognize my interest in film was when my mother informed me of my intricate past . Being adopted at birth, discrepancies aroused between my two families and became something of a prevalent court case. To make a long story short, my parents were given an opportunity to make a film on the occurrences and turned it down. Later on, my mother told me it would have been a lifetime movie... so I wasn't very disappointed. This sparked the thought in my mind that, just as many others, I have a story to tell. As my passion grew for the art of cinema, my ideals grew along with it.


"FedUp" (In Post Production - 2014) Writer/Director

"House Near The End Of The Street" (2012) Writer/Actor (Vimeo Page)

"The Contained" (2012) Writer/Director (Vimeo Page)

"S.K.A." (2012) Assistant Director

"Come Here Often" (2011) Assistant Director (Vimeo Page)

"GUS" (2010) Production Assistant (Vimeo Page)