Thang "Ryan" Nguyen

Hi there,

Welcome to my page. My name is Thang "Ryan" Nguyen and I came from the beautiful Saigon of Vietnam.

I study Marketing at the University of South Florida. I have a passion for branding, data analytics and management. I work with Enactus at USF, a wonderful student organization, as president. My main duty is to lead to organization on the mission of creating projects to better people's lives, using the power of entrepreneurial actions. Before that, I was head of marketing and recruitment, directing marketing campaigns as well as social media accounts for a project called Suit-A-Bull, in which we work closely with the USF Career Center to assist students with professional attire.

Besides Enactus, I'm also a member of the USF's National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team. We are developing a multi-million dollar marketing campaign for an international client. Recently, the USF College of Business featured me in their Student Spotlight section.

My hero is Steve Jobs. My favorite ad is Apple's "Think Different". I think his speech at Stanford University is one of the best speeches ever. He inspires me to choose to study marketing, because he proved that a marketing magician can surely run a world-class corporation. I recommend everyone to read his biography.

And I love being fun, creative and somewhat rebellious. I read 9GAG everyday. (These guys are geniuses). I love the YOLO idea, plus "with responsibility". (A secret: in high school, I was a prank organizer).

And finally, I am currently looking for an internship in marketing or advertising. You can't go wrong with a rebel.