Salmaan Sana

I am an idealist, a dreamer, a facilitator and a believer that we all have a purpose in this precious life, and it has been my quest to find mine and help others find theirs.

The themes that I am passionate about lay in personal leadership, connecting people and worlds, the conducting of training and workshops, compassion, storytelling, education, innovation, new technology and creating movements.

I most enjoy when I get to float around in a project/organisation and find new opportunities and utilising that which already exists and maximising its potential.

My background entails being a medical student at the VUmc, active with an array of international student associations, organising events since my high school years and being involved with education from a very early age.

Whilst not becoming a doctor myself, my passion is to help facilitate the current system into one that embraces a new way of 'being'.

A few years ago we started a Company called Nameshapers. We believe in the bridging of the offline and online world and doing so in an authentic manner by means of coaching, training and facilitating strategic processes.

Together with a group of like spirited individuals, I am part of the movement Compassion for Care: The vision and belief being that compassion plays a vital and core role within healthcare and is creating a huge shift in the current system.

At the Medical Center of Leeuwaarden I am currently working as the Project Leader Compassion.

After working for many years within Medical Education and volunteering for multiple AMEE conferences, I now work for the organisation as a consultant on the online engagement and presence.

Other initiatives and projects I am a part of include: Zero Genereation, the Healthcare Leadership Summerschool and the