Samantha Andrews

Kia ora!

I'm Sam and I'm a budding marine conservation biologist/ecologist. I am passionate about all marine science, but my particular interest lies in spatial ecology. What really gets me excited is the concept of managing our interactions with pelagic marine species through dynamic ocean management. I’ll just briefly explain what this means and why I think it’s a really neat (and important) concept that is worth exploring more….

The ocean is a highly dynamic environment, with conditions varying both spatially and temporally. This dynamism means that the habitat of mobile pelagic species is also highly dynamic, shifting both in space and in time. New and advancing technologies such as remote sensing, biologging (tagging and then tracking individuals), DNA analysis, ocean modelling, atmospheric modelling, and geospatial analysis has provided us with a window into this highly dynamic ocean environment and the species that live there – including insights into the biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors that define their habitat preferences. These systems and the information they provide offer the potential to implement more dynamic – and increasingly near real-time - management systems in both the open ocean as well as coastal waters. These opportunities could be grouped into two broad categories:
1) dynamic fishery management systems - aimed at improving the sustainability of fisheries though measures such as avoiding ‘choke species’ or undersized (juvenile) fish.
2) dynamic/mobile marine protected areas - designed to offer protection to species of conservation concern as they move through the ocean.

I am passionate about public outreach/engagement in marine science and sustainability. I utilize a number of different mediums for communication including printed publications, radio, public presentations, and workshops. In addition I regularly post to - and engage with readers on - social media (G+, Twitter and LinkedIn).