Samarendra Chakraborty

They think... " Theres GOOD, theres EVIL and then theres SAM...." As far as my opinion is concerened i am an utter lazy guy... who just wants to enjoy the life...and take things as they come...frankly speaking i m not a planman consultancy...probably thats why ppl regard me as a "happy go-lucky" guy....And i tell them i m just your "friendly neighbourhood" spidey :-).... My certificates say that i am pretty good at sports and my marksheets point out that i m good at studies as well...Some ppl even went to the extent of commenting that i am a good artist(acting,singing) hmmm....Well this what i have to say...."Dude, I just got lucky". I think that is what it looks like from the hindsight atleast.... Sometimes i think I am a "gifted person". It seems that I am pretty happy with what I am ... let me tell u the secret to good self-esteem ... it is to lower ur expectations to the point where they are already met!! Sometimes i kinda slip into spiritual mood....ok thats too much....i guess so... As one of my better friend Vaibhav says "Once a BAWA,always a BAWA".