Sami Laiho

Best session and Speaker at TechEd North America 2014!

Best session and Speaker at TechEd Australia 2013! Great end for my rookie year at TechEd :)

My first ever TechEd session was #3 in Madrid (#1 & #2 by Mark Russinovich) and #19 in New Orleans!

My session had the best evaluations of 2012 for Microsoft STEP events globally!

I work as a Sr Technical Fellow at Adminize and Sovelto.

I'm an MVP Windows Expert-ITPro since 2011 and I'm part of Microsoft STEP. I train and consult everything that has something to do with Windows OS and have been doing it for 16+ years - more than 1/2 of my life.

I've been an MCT for 12+ years and I've been speaking to audiences from 10-10000 globally.

I'm also a diving instructor,jogger,snowboarder,driver,dad of two beautiful daughters and a husband to my lovely wife.

Easiest way to read my contributions is Twitter @samilaiho

My projects:

I've got plenty of certifications to prove my expertise. Transcript ID (772634) - Access Code (xenonia123):

I've been presenting in conferences like:

  • Techdays 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Techdays 2011 (voted #1,#2 and #4 out of 150 sessions - )
  • Techdays 2012 % 2013 (voted #1 out of 150)

In english:

  • MCT Summit 2011 Stockholm and San Francisco
  • MCT Summit 2012 Warsaw
  • Techmentor 2012 Redmond
  • TechEd NA NOLA 2013
  • TechEd EU Madrid 2013 (#3 out of 400) - Rookie but yet only Mark R. beat me!
  • TechEd AU 2013 (Best session, Best speaker)
  • TechEd NA 2014 (Best session, Best speaker)