Samson Yee

Always curious and highly motivated. Storytelling has been a cornerstone of all the work I've done. As a photographer, photo editor, web designer, researcher and product owner. Lived and breathed email marketing for the past year at Synergy Marketing.

Prior to Synergy Marketing, worked in London on an assignment putting together Madame Tussauds Tokyo. Worked in a number of teams, responsible for research and negotiation with talent agencies, in-house sculptors and designers.

Before that Chief Picture Editor at Monthly Editorial Magazine, Courrier Japon, Kodansha. Helping editors and creatives communicate with one another, overcoming cultural differences, time zones. With my own experience as a photographer find innovative ways to tell stories, making use of print and digital media, within budget and tight schedule.

Since the age of 18, 17 years in Tokyo. Read, write and speak Japanese fluently with a broad understanding of its culture and market, good personal and professional connection in publishing and grahic design. I am also able interpret in real time between English and Japanese.