Sander de Wilde

Photographer Shoots Artists, politicians and CEO's for a living.

I'm a photographer for both editorial and corporate clients mainly in Brussels, Belgium.

My editorial work gets published in NYT, Le Soir, Le Monde, The Guardian, and many others.

My corporate work for Bizbuzz consists of Google 360º photography, portraits and reportages.

Being born Dutch I am addicted to Dutch 'drop' (black sweets), biking, skating, cheese in all it's forms and life in general. No car/no stress GREEN philosophy.

Inspired by his father -an insect-photographing antropologist- and his mother -a medical analist with a darkroom- Sander started photographing at 10.

After having worked in the photo-gear business doing sales for 10 years, Sander followed his heart and visited the Royal Academy of arts, studying photography.

He then worked in several photography studios before starting his own business.

Coming to Belgium in 2008 boomed his career in photojournalism, but he still shoots corporate assignments.

He is married with his first love and has a daugther.