Sandy Dover

Feature writer and magazine columnist. Media producer and liaison. Curator and product photographer. NBA scribe. Footwear & apparel expert and evaluator. Fitness & training consultant, advocate, and researcher. Lifestyle & fashion editor and journalist. Author.

Media creative.

It's clear that Sandy Dover has a deep, eclectic background within a multitude of different discliplines. As a former standout academic scholar, thespian, and award-winning fine artist and vocalist in his earlier years, he has gone on to become a man of the pen since 2002. Sandy has been featured and published by several elite publications, was a contributing author to Robert Atwan's 8th edition of "America Now", and even vetted by the POTUS Staff as a member of The White House Press Pool in 2012.

Having collaborated heavily with some of the most innovative brands in the world, Sandy shares his expertise by producing projects based principally on the NBA, footwear & sportswear product, lifestyle & fashion, and fitness for a number of well-respected publications and outlets throughout various sectors in media.

Historically, Sandy is known prominently as a featured columnist for the international bestselling basketball magazine, SLAM -- which hosts his San Dova Speak-Easy online column and a choice selection of print features for its annual KICKS magazine (2010, 2011, 2012) -- as well as for Yahoo! and former ESPN partner The Shadow League.

Having worked in marketing and in non-profit business in the past, Sandy has also produced and composed work as a featured contributor for STACK Media, the YES Network's The Brooklyn Game, CounterKicks, and ESPN proper and its TrueHoop affiliate as well. He has since advanced further as Senior Editor and Minority Owner of BMF, a partner of Complex Media.

For all of his creative projects, Sandy has a following that literally stretches from the United States and Canada to Europe, Australia, and Asia.


"I do a lot and am fortunate to be gifted in several different areas, but I'm particularly good in what requires most of my time: being a writer, a producer, a creator, and an artist. Ultimately, my goal is use my gifts to change the world, however I can, to the fullest and for the better."