Sandy Nofyanza

Student in Economics, currently interested in natural resources and env. economics and tourism economics
Art, design, and photography are my passion
Only a hobbyist, not a pro
Someday surely, we'll travel around the world to live there or just to take a picture

Don't forget to bring up the book!

We're never gonna survive until we get a little crazy.....

  • age___________________________________22
  • years of education________________________16
  • years of organizational experience___________ 08
  • no. of awesome nephews__________________ 04
  • no. of current girlfriend____________________ 01
  • cities lived in____________________________04
  • basketball championship won_______________02
  • installation art created_____________________13
  • economics-related minor project created______ 06
  • no. of camera owned______________________10
  • no. of instrument played (amateur, really)______ 03
  • dreams______________________________ infinite