Sara Johannes

I am a wife, mother, daughter and friend first and foremost in this world. I am married to my sometime's difficult, but always amazing husband of 16 years. I am Mama to four of the most exquisite girls that have ever walked the earth, and find my role as their mother my calling and greatest adventure, my most humble of journeys. I am spending every day, striving to be who I was created to be. Desiring to serve all the hurting and broken of this world...and encouraging them to rise from the ashes of the past to make a better future. I am an advocate of forgiveness, fun, laughter, drinking in the beauty around us, being beautifully broken every day and allowing the theme of continued healing be what shapes my existence. This journey is too short. The years pass to quickly. I am a previously broken child, who has become a whole adult through forgiveness and love and most importantly, the mercy of my Creator whom I desire to serve until I draw my last breath. I love travelling, sushi, chocolate, fitness, sunshine, beauty, clean living, photography, music, the face of my husband, and sounds of my children's laughter. And all of that...just barely scratches the surface of Sara!