Sarah Hansen

I'm a corporate sales professional turned aspiring writer. I went from worrying about increasing my professional value to following my moral values. I left a six-figure salary to save my marriage and followed my husband to a new place to live on a fraction of my old salary. Don't feel sorry for me! I've never been happier!

Writing is an old friend of mine. I majored in journalism and began my career writing for newspapers and producing the nightly NBC news. However, my idealism left me for the lure of Procter & Gamble's paycheck. I worked for P&G for seven years before spending another two years at Colgate Palmolive. While the money was great, the stress on my family reached its height when my husband left me to pursue his dream of medical school. We lived apart for one year while I clung to corporate security, before realizing that I was losing my family. I then sold everything and cut the cord of fear of the unknown to change my life, and my perspective, forever.

I'm very fulfilled in my new life. In addition to starting a writing career, I volunteer at a Christian radio mission and participate in various outreach projects. I am also training for an Ironman Triathlon.

When I'm not busy training or taking care of my family, I'm writing for other sites and working on my own. I've created several blogs to help people be their best in fitness, family, finance, and emotional fulfillment.

Please stop by any of my pages and drop me a line! I would love to meet you!