Sara Hopson

Sara, now significantly larger than the five-year-old at right, is a proud consumer and producer of words. Ever since she was a wee one, an interval of time as small as what it takes to eat a bowl of her beloved Cheerios warranted reading of some sort. And as soon as her hands were free, that reading inspired writing.

Now, she manages community engagement at, a site and app that helps make positive actions part of everyday life. She evangelizes the power of sharing stories. After all, social media has come second nature to her since her first AOL screen name in 1998 (which was dazzle52sh).

Last summer, she also flexed her writing muscles working for Swellr, a MassChallenge finalist start-up company that helped fund local education projects. By night, Sara studies creative writing at Emerson College, where she'll be receiving her Master of Fine Arts degree. 

Hailing by birth from New London, CT, but really 'of' Erie County, PA, she's thrilled to be back in New England where she no longer must depend on Wal-Mart for anything. In her spare time, she shamelessly devours pop-culture and too much mac'n'cheese. She lives in (and adores) South Boston.