Sarah Rainsberger

In Toronto, I helped hundreds of students through high school and university as a private tutor, teacher, academic advisor, school administrator and guidance counsellor.

From our current island waterfront home, I create middle & high school math teaching/learning resources, maintain a website about university admissions in Canada, and serve as an Advisory Board member for Compass centre for self-directed learning in Ottawa (a high school alternative).

A volunteer for the Ontario homeschooling community since 2001, I maintain links to Ontario university homeschool admission policies and speak at conferences about homeschooling through high school and university admissions. I help families feel comfortable self-educating outside the system, and remind everyone that going to high school before university is a choice.

Though our personal blog is neglected, I regularly chronicle events via Twitter and annotated PicasaWeb photo albums.

Personal interests include choral/a cappella music (I'm a low alto/wannabe bass), cappuccino, Toronto Blue Jays baseball, our low-carb/high-fat/grain-free ketogenic diet, stylus-based gadgets, Samsung tech, natural disaster movies where the rogue atmospheric physicist saves the day, and bunnies.

My home is currently in Summerside, PEI, Canada (although I will always be "from Toronto"). My actual physical location could be anywhere in the world as a constant travel companion to my loving husband Joe, with whom the epic "Oshawa vs. Brampton" battle is ongoing.