Sara Morrison

Written for:

Online:, The (Atlantic) Wire, Poynter, TheWrap, The Awl, Television Without Pity, The Onion, UGO, and Lilly Likes (no link. The site is dead. RIP. It is not Sara's fault that this happened, by the way)

Magazine: Columbia Journalism Review, Soap Opera Digest, Creative Screenwriting

Book: Coffee at Luke's

Newspaper: A tabloid she created about her own family's scandalous lives (none of it was true) when she was 9 years old.

(See clips at or muckrack/sara)

Appeared on Dallas Seasons 8 and 9 DVD featurettes, mostly to make fun of 80s shoulder pads.

Appeared on HuffPost Live, KPCC's AirTalk, KCBS and BBC World News as some kind of media expert.

Quoted in New York Times and Los Angeles magazine as some kind of TV expert.