Sasha Torr

Some bio below. Enjoy my music also!

When I was 6 years old I started learning to play the cello. You know its voice is still one of my favourites to this day. Later I mastered piano, guitars and bass, and much later some more exotic instruments, especially native instruments from all corners of the Earth. I’m fond of these things because of their singular inimitable timbres.

Since 2001 I’m involved in music business and still like it. For some years I took part in several rather successful musical projects as a frontman, vocalist and composer. Then I've understood that I need more. So my current passion is music for computer games and all this various stuff around it - instruments, vocals, recording, mixing, post-production, nights of walking, inspiration and so on. Even my always hungry dog is included here too.

Really I do not feel myself bounded to specific style or sound. I love music. So corporate and lounge music, ethno, chill, orchestral music, funk and jazz, rock and alternative are already in my portfolio. Also when I have enough time I'm writing royalty free tracks, it adds extra variety to my passion.

As for me, inspiration is serious in creative part of process but I’m trying to pay maximum attention to final mood and character of music. Also I always prefer to record live instruments and vocals when it is possible. The music must breathe, you know.