Saul Sarabia, JD

For more than 20 years, I have participated in social movements which seek to transform society. I work to dismantle structural racism by developing leaders, changing laws, and teaching.

From 2003 to 2013, I trained students at UCLA to fight injustice while partnering them with organizations working for social change. Together, we challenged inequity after Hurricane Katrina and pioneered a community partnership to fight employment discrimination.

I have been a community organizer in South Los Angeles, a human rights advocate in Central America, and a case advocate for homeless families.

Today, I am the principal of Solidarity Consulting, providing the following services to change-agents:

  • Strategic thinking, problem-solving, and program design
  • Facilitating collaborative partnerships
  • Implementing changes to increase access, inclusion, and equity
  • Developing civic engagement strategies and evaluating them
  • Building coalitions across racial communities and multiple causes
  • Shaping campaigns to impact exclusionary systems
  • Coordinating programs and executing events
  • Designing, revising, and teaching curricula

For a full description of projects, please visit my LinkedIn profile or email me: