Scott Blackmon

Proof that life can be lived without a cell phone, facebook and twitter. My hip is quiet and my hands remain free. I don't get buzzed, poked or tweeted nor do I worry about missing getting buzzed, poked or tweeted.

I went to school and became a photographer. I went back to school and ended up becoming a computer consultant. I have been out of that field for years but I'm a huge fan of TWiT, TWiG, This is my Next/The Verge as well as I love technology and although I could really care less about "social" I am interested in where it is heading and how it's getting there. If I want social, I'll call someone with my landline or use my email....or Skype. I tried blogging once and quickly realized I had all the interest and intrigue of a Ren and Stimpy cartoon.

So, for the time being, this is it. This is my social imprint on the web.....if you consider one way, faceless communication social. I am giving Google+ a try. It may be the old community college try but a try nonetheless.