Sean Dent


Acute Care Nurse Practitioner; former ATC; I'm a weightlifter, I coach, I'm a member of the mobility #supplenation, and I CrossFit.

Facts about Me:

  • I CrossFit.
  • I am a CCRN certified nurse.
  • I love the beach. The warmer the weather, the better
  • I used to drink too much coffee.
  • I am a weightlifter. I have competed in USAW sanctioned meets.
  • I shave my head daily. Sunblock is my best friend.
  • I am a Mac OS X user - also love my iPhone 5S.
  • I have a very large scar across my neck that reminds me how precious life really is.
  • I am a former Jar Head – USMC.
  • I've worked in Critical Care all my nursing career.
  • I work in an ICU. Nursing is my second career.
  • I am an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Graduated April 2013 (MSN Degree).
  • I am a former Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).
  • I am married to an amazing woman, she's also a nurse.
  • We have 2 crazy cats.
  • I am a movie junkie.
  • I am a blogger. I have participated in a Podcast, and another Podcast recently.
  • I have guest posted for Hive Health Media.
  • I eat Paleo (90% of the time).
  • I am extremely passionate about being a nurse.
  • I was previously the Male Nurse Blogger for