Sebastian Sastre

Unconformist-Realist-Optimist. I'm a democratizer of solutions by default. I love to find the stories shared by people: users entrepreneurs and investors. Always thinking big. I always find ways. I love to give and receive mentoring. Conversationalist. Doer. Eternal learner. Fearless of change >:)

«shared visions» is currently my favorite mantra.

I want to help creative people to be more productive while they get better results on what they do.

In my mind is very clear that creative people should be able to use their talent more on honorable jobs and less on banal administrative tasks that interrupts them all the time.

So my current mission is in fixing that problem with airflowing, a social ERP for human beings :) and flowing's main product. It's a simple web application that can keep a team fluently working on what matters. It fabricates the circumstances to enhance synergy among people so they can work better. It also nails the financial and economical results of their work so they can really know what works and what doesn't.

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