Selena Marie Norris

It's time to be honest. I'm not the stereotypical fashionista. I'm not going to tell you how a shade of lipstick will change your life, or what is the hot must-have item of the month. Don't get me wrong. I love fashion and I am passionate about design and trend forecasting. However, I am more even more passionate about people.

I have a vision for the future. I believe my greatest gift lies in my ability to see things as they are, envision what they can be, and make that vision a reality. My co-workers would describe me as a calculated risk taker. My friends would say I am "always in the right place at the right time." My greatest supporters would say I'm honest, hard working, and forward-thinking.

I am a customer driven designer focused on creative problem solving, cost savings, and precision tailoring with professional level experience in an extensive range of fabrications. I have experience in trend forecasting for where I also worked as a discussion board moderator of Mudpie Fashion, Trends, and Culture, a Linkedin group comprised of over 19,000 industry professionals.

Some might be surprised to know that I spent over 3 years as an image consultant for Hydria, an independent Brazilian metal band. Working with a cross cultural team in Brazil, I built priority lists, set up a calendar, helped to design and conceptualize their first official music video, designed attire, social media, and marketing campaigns- helping Hydria gain a distribution contract with Spinning Records Japan in 2011.

That same year, I launched a campaign with co-petition organizer, Darryl Warren to "Please Make Alexander McQueen's 'Savage Beauty' A Traveling Exhibition." Our efforts garnered attention from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and gained international press, including a 10-page cover story interview with Retro Magazine.

I am interested in the connections between conceptualization and reality, fashion and technology, style and functionality, and the exponential opportunities to spread ideas through social media.

My long term career goal is to inspire, enhance, and create a collaborative environment that embraces technological innovation and growth. I have many ideas I would love to share with the world about how to improve and revolutionize the future of industry and society. Given time and the right set of circumstances, I know these dreams will become a reality.