Shawn Tillman

Not a nobody and certainly not just ordinary! I am one of a kind & extraordinary. Not bragging or boasting, all of us are extraordinary in our own way!

Born and raised in Louisville, KY, the home of Muhammad Ali & Louisville Slugger baseball bats. Once I graduated high school in '96 I went into the Army. I wanted to leave KY and go far away & see the world. The Army stuck me right at Ft. Campbell, KY. It wasn't a bad thing at all, in fact it changed my life forever! I became a real Christian.

It wasn't long, I did my time in the Army & God called me to go to Seminary in '99. So off I went to Washington State, by way of Nashville, TN for a few months. A part of my heart is still there in Nashville. I went through Seminary training to be a minister & just be open to whatever God wants from me. I graduated in 2003 & was assigned to the church here in Washington on the Seminary campus just to be a help wherever I can.

Life is never easy. There's up's & down's, twists & turns, but one thing you can be sure of & rest confident in is that if you put your trust in God and live the way He directs you, He will be there with you every step of the way!

We live in a world of uncertainty and confusion. A lot of people are just out there trying to make it the best way they know how. In the hard times, the difficult times and even in those good & just plain awesome times, remember, you may not be known to a lot folks in the world, but you are not a nobody! Be comforted and know that the God who created all there is, knows exactly who you are & loves you!

God Bless You!