Shlomi Levi

Cut to the year 1999 when Shlomi Levi played at the “Camp Nou” at the European Cup Finals. It was the game of Manchester vs Bayer Munich. He rocked it there and how, and from there he went to become the Manchester United FC Official DJ for two seasons. As his charts were burning up the dance floors, his popularity began to sore and he added another feather to his cap when he was chosen by the Red Bull Music Academy when he won one of the world’s best DJs not once but twice!

Since then there has been no looking back from Shlomi Levi. He has played in numerous clubs such as TI, Escape and Super Club in Amsterdam, Super Club, Pacha and Ministry of Sound in London, Love and guy parades, Hoaman, TLV, Cat &Dog and Riverio in Israel as well as in countries like Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary and many others. Radio too has been his domain over all these years. He has been a favorite on Radio and TV Israeli Channel 2 which is undoubtedly the main channel in the state of Israel.
Besides he has also worked in Radio Tel Aviv, 102 FM and Radius 100 FM, Voice of Peace his music Is favorite and being played by MOS Radio, MTV, FTV and BBC 1, ABGT, and ASOT.
In the last year Shlomi has his own show called Floor Fillers, in this show Shlomi plays and introduce hot hits a long with new and promising EDM tunes.

Levi’s passion continues to remain intact and he is always at the top of trends looking for the best music and what gets across to youngsters. It is therefore that his remixes such as REM, Avicii, Depech mode, and many more have been so immensely popular. Levi truly believes that to be a good DJ one has got to show the passion and you do indeed know that passion is what comes through in his sound.

With his Productions burning the charts all over Europe Shlomi Levi is one of the hottest DJ& producer around. Levi has had more than 40 releases in the years 2012-2013 and six videos that are already in MTV. Levi has tracks such as Lost, New Day, Enjoy The Silence are super hits of this year. Numbers such as Lost, Free, Enjoy The Silence and more are charted all over Europe in the current year.
His hottest number in 2013 however has been I AM A RICH BITCH. This track has be making re-appearances on most of the top DJS sets and hits the number 2 at the ITunes Sales Charts, Lately Levi released his covers album “Come Again” this album is been played all over the world and hitting the charts nicely.