Sandra Hughes

I have enjoyed photography from a very young age. However, I put my desire to really learn it on the back burner over 2 decades ago, hoping one day I could find my way back and indulge that love. It once was a very expensive hobby … when one considered film and developing – so as one learned – one spent some serious bucks. Also consider – many of us didn’t have the space for a darkroom – or the funds…and finally… once all was said and done.. I MIGHT have had some snapshots that were good – but would ultimately mean very little to most who might see them… So, the hobby just kinda fell by the wayside – and then time was consumed with growing up, and raising a family and working at something that would pay the bills.. SO…here we are – and I’ve seriously fallen in love with photography again – and technology has enabled many of us like minded folk a way to indulge our lost love.

Printing – can do

Editing/Developing – can do

Sharing inexpensively – can do

Learning – am doing

Enjoying - Immensely!!!

The art of photography is evolving – and I’m so excited to be able to participate this time around!!!! Interior, architectural, decor, food, advertisements and photography.