Sabrina Ellison

Sabrina Chaudhry-Ellison has been working in the professional sports dance industry for almost two decades. Currently, she is in her third season as the Dance Team Director for the Golden State Warriors (NBA). Sabrina was previously the Dance Team Manager / Choreographer for the Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA) where she coached the team from the 2008 inaugural season to the end of the 2009/10 season. She began her professional coaching career with the same organization when they were the Seattle Supersonics, and was asked to relocate to Oklahoma City for a once in a lifetime opportunity to start an NBA dance team and junior dance team from the ground up. Sabrina is not a novice when it comes to starting dance teams. She also founded the Spokane Shock (AFL) dance team as well as her college dance team at the University of San Francisco.

Sabrina began her dance career in the Los Angeles area with the Anaheim Angels (MLB) where she performed for three seasons. Next she tackled the NFL as an eight year veteran cheerleader of the Seattle Seahawks Seagals and the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush. In 2002, she was selected amongst her peers to represent the 49ers in the NFL’s Pro Bowl. While in San Francisco she also served as a Captain for the Gold Rush for four seasons. Sabrina’s talent and ability have taken her to places around the globe from NFL/NBA tours to China, Japan, London, Germany, Iraq, Kuwaiit and even the Czech Republic where she helped establish the first professional Czech Republic dance team.

Sabrina’s experience in the sports entertainment industry has left a huge positive impact on her life thus coaching and mentoring is her way of giving back to the industry. She started Sideline Ready Pro Dance Consulting as her vessel to empower performers to gain the self-esteem, knowledge and skill to audition for the team of their dreams. Her passion lies in cultivating talent by pushing individuals to grow as a performer on the field as well as off the field. She values giving back to the community and therefore believes in encouraging her performers to be ambassadors for their organizations while creating a positive environment in which they can continue to grow and evolve.