Sigfried Abuel

I was born in the Philippines, lost in Chicago, found in Singapore, and settling in Orange County. I feel most at home when in a foreign country that I have never visited.

I was schooled by the American educational system and GCSCE/A-Level System. I was educated by trying to be an educator.

My first teaching assignment was pre-school and I still use tactics I picked up from circle time with high schoolers. I was going to be a History teacher, but was enamoured by Kafka and Calvino (and no, the irony does not escape me).

I think in terms of chess, and will talk about pedagogy until the sun rises.

I am currently researching and experimenting with heuristics as applied to pedagogy and general rhetoric.

Let's talk about:

Wikispaces / Illuminate / Haiku / Prezi / Weebly / Blendspace / Storify / Screencasting your lessons...

...finding the perfect tool for the that lesson plan, and marketing your amazing lessons to others.