simone giani

Project manager for international and national cooperation. Currently I'm employed at the National Observatory of Poverty in Railway station.
I'm also a collaborator with the NGO Ai.Bi. Friends of Children, for which I am dealing with a planner and development education for children in primary schools. I recently drafted a concept map and the first draft for the constitution of the Charter of the educational opportunities of the Third Sector Forum of the Lazio Region.
In previous professional experience I worked as project manager for 2 years in Zambia with the Association Pope John the 23 °. In my professional experience I have dealt with various forms of poverty such as transmission of HIV / AIDS from mother to child, homeless, unaccompanied minors, asylum seekers from North African and disability.
During his academic record I won 2 scholarships: Erasmus in Spain and a grant for dissertation research in Kenya.
Over the years working abroad, I had the opportunity to improve my language skills and my skills for working in multicultural ambient.
I am a determined person, accustomed to working under stress. My main professional goal is to be able to do full-time project manager.


project writing, problem solving, responsible of Human Resources, accountability, Corsporate Social Responsability, security on work place, project monitoring and evaluation