Simone Baldi

Simone Baldi is a visionary gear to seek advantage from all the opportunities offered by the Chinese market. Today, his ambition is to create a new business model that connects Chinese entrepreneurs with young Europeans ones.
To the present he centres its knowledge based on studies, research and practice, towards a new model of entrepreneurship. His goal is to connect the Chinese textile industry with young and talented Italian emerging designers. The result of this union would provide benefits to both parties. On the one hand industries increase their skills by avail of the technical and artistic skills of designers, and on the other designers, that today in Italy cannot express their talent, they would have a chance ' that until now was not granted to them.
His interest focuses on China and on customer relations, and on the future of the Italian emerging designers. His ambition is to achieve this mission.

Background in International Business and Logistics. His studies covered also humanistic and foreign cultures, photography Communication and Chinese language.

Specialties: Consulting, Logistics, Social Media, Languages, Culture in Business, International relationship, Project Management, Staff organizer, Leadership and team work, work coordinator, International Negotiation, flexibility, adaptation, multi-cultural enviroment, Photography, coaching, team coordinator, assistant manager, China and Italy.