Simon Pearce

I've always been fascinated by people, and what makes them tick. It's led me to many interests from portrait photography to my career in branding.

As a brand consultant, I help brands understand who they are, define who they want to be and design experiences that excite and inspire. I began my career in brand strategy but what I do now is broader than the traditional definition of that. I'm really a business model designer - helping companies re-design their business around a powerful brand idea.

In the past 14 years, I've worked for household names across industries: telcos, consumer electronics, restaurants, hotels, media and industrial companies.

My philosophy is simple: look at your brand as a whole, not as a collection of messages or activities. Treat brand design and business model design as two sides of the same coin; think about them, and act on them, together.

If you want more details, check me out on linkedin.

I'm originally from Bath, in the west of England, but I live in New York City now. I love it here, except sometimes in the Winter....