I had this fantasy to be Feminized by a Dominant Mistress, but I never thought it would happen. 

Then I met Mistress Jade, and she promised to Feminize me but I had to agree not to try and back out or change my mind. The Feminization, once started must continue until it becomes a permanent part of my life. I agreed to pose for some very humiliating photos and then gave her the postal address and email address of all my friends and family. I then agreed to be permanently Feminized by her, and if ever I tried to change my mind or wanted to back out of our arrangement, then she would send all the photos to everyone. I was committed to the Feminization, with no way out, no escape. 

Once I knew that I could not change my mind, I just surrendered to her and became totally Feminized and lived as her Sissy Slave.
Along with being Feminized, Mistress Jade also loved Diapers and Sissy Baby, and very much into humiliation. I had no choice but to submit.
After a wonderful and crazy three years with her, Mistress Jade had to move away for family reasons, but she stays in touch and insists that I must always remain Feminized and she will send the photos if ever she finds out that I have tried to get out of this.
So I set myself up for a life of permanent and total Feminization. Just as I always wanted.