Skyler Seymour

Born in Weatherford, Oklahoma, Skyler travelled over 45 states before his 7th birthday. The grandson of a Navy Pharmacist, Skyler and his mother travelled until they eventually settled in Amarillo, Texas. Skyler's passions are Tennis and Anime. His love of tennis won him several trophies as well as the road to a full scholarship from The University of Texas.

In the spare minutes that Skyler wasn't practicing tennis, he pursued his other interest, acting.

In 2012, Skyler made a bold decision, to pass on his scholarship to UT and leave home to follow his dreams of being an actor/model. This decision was a tough one, but one that his family supported whole-heartedly. With the financial help from his grandparents, Skyler went to NY to find a manager or agent that could help him actualize his dream.

In NY, Skyler attended the International Modeling and Talent Association, where he went against over 2,000 participants and won best young adult actor of the year, first runner up in print and a 10,000 dollar scholarship to the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts. From this, he landed his first manager, Unified Management. Passing up his scholarship in NY, at the advice of his new manager, Skyler drove to Los Angeles without knowing a soul.

Skyler’s first year in LA started out by taking classes under Brian Riese, Ryan R. Williams, Andrew Magarian, Aaron Marcus and other notable acting coaches. Within just a year of arriving in Hollywood, Skyler’s credits are already impressive boasting 3 music videos, 3 commercials, 2 short films, 1 feature, 2 TV shows and a promo series. Next to that, he has become the lead in 3 new web series. In the Just Us Guys web series he plays the role of Max Sherman. Next along is his personally created web series called The Social Experiment, which is already shooting it's 4th episode. Lastly, his newest web series is called The Project X will be starting shortly. Skyler recently became attached to the movie, "Hidden Valley: The Awakening, One of the "Most Anticipated Movies of 2014". The cast of Hidden Valley was named, "The Hottest All Male Cast in 30 years".

Skyler's inspirations are actors like Johnny Depp and Adam Sandler. He admires the way they make their craft fun, seemly effortless and always original.

His mantra is, "If not Yes, then Why Not?" No is not an option for Skyler. Look for him in more Film and TV projects coming up!