I've been blogging since 1997, writing TV since 2000, and embarrassing myself since birth.

I've been nominated for a couple of Emmys, won an Environmental Media Award, won an Environmental Media Award, two Kids' Choice Awards, and a Gracie Allen Award for my writing work on Lizzie McGuire. I also accidentally helped cause the Hilary/Lindsay feud. Along with writing the bra episode, that will be my legacy.

You're welcome.

You can find me on Michael Ian Black's WitStream, and as a talking head on the BBC's "The Brit List." Huffington Post recommends me as one of the Funny Women You Should Follow on Twitter and even named one of my tweets the Best of 2012 which is probably better than winning that Emmy.

Diane Sawyer even read one of my tweets on ABC's Nightly News, although she rewrote me and didn't say "slackmistress." Welcome to Hollywood, kids.

I created Mean GOP, a Mean Girls meme about the extreme right. It landed me on a DC Gossip blog. Still better than winning an Emmy!

I have a 14-year old pit bull named Daisy and a husband named Will. (Who is not 14.)

I'm repped by Samantha Slan and Gersh.

TL;DR? I am a person on the Internet and a TV Writer in real life. You can find me on Witstream or in your bushes. (You look nice today!)