Jack Chou

Huge sports fan. Obsessive tailgater. Mediocre high school athlete. Great junior high school basketball coach. Humble half-marathoner and weekend golfer. Proud California-American. Grateful Santa Rita, Egan, Los Altos HS, and Stanford alum. Lover of food. Aspiring cook. Passionate drinker of, in order of interest, beer, wine, tea, bourbon. Interested traveler. Serious-turned-occasional poker player. Fan of Cormac McCarthy, Anchorman, The Wire, Friday Night Lights (TV), and the New Yorker. 

Humble and hungry first-time entrepreneur. Used to work for (reverse-chronologically) LinkedIn, Google, and Oracle. Infatuated with technology, the web, and startups. Fascinated by their ability to make amazing things happen. Wants to build something lasting and meaningful. 

Lucky husband of @poisoniivy.